“…..becasue his name is shame” – by Eqan

as once i thought i saw a pot in my thought. it was in a dinning room it was a shinning dinning room thin i saw a line on the pot suddenly a vine came it crashed into a glass of wine suddenly the shinning dinning room turned plane dinning room my friend came he was lame do you know why ? he was on a plane painting a train his nams was shame his game was not having fame that guys lame. he should be ashamed because his name is shame and thats so lame

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5 Comments on ““…..becasue his name is shame” – by Eqan”

  1. Qaism Rashid Says:

    Mashallah excellent poem! This is the next Hassan bin Sabit! šŸ™‚

  2. Ayesha noor Says:

    I still don’t know what was in the pot
    Some butter, some soup, it was cold or hot
    The shining dining room
    The guy so lame
    has nothing to do with the thought that came
    Into your brain

  3. emrun Says:

    its an English GHAZAL and GHAZAL verses has nothing to do with each other.
    Moreover, the poet is saying ‘he thought he saw…” he did not actually saw ‘the pot’ which signifies the universality in this line. One need to have right sense of imagination to understand this poetry or pottery whatever seems fit.

  4. LoveApples Says:

    He was 10 when he made this LOL

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