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Ayesha’s response on French legislation on Burqa (published in NY Times)

January 31, 2010

To the Editor:

France does not cease to amaze. A French parliamentary committee has recommended a partial ban on full-body veils, citing them as a threat to the “values of the republic.” Is it possible that the 1,900 French Muslim women who choose the veil are a threat?

This intrusive ban takes away their right of using public transportation, hospitals, schools and government offices while wearing the veil, or niqab.

In other words, it infringes on the basic human rights of those 1,900 women whose personal choice is to cover their faces.

Ayesha N. Rashid
Richmond, Va., Jan. 27, 2010


“…..becasue his name is shame” – by Eqan

January 22, 2010

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