Europe’s clash with Islam – Ban on Minarets

Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque in Zurich

Geert Wilder’s Fitnah, the ban on scarves in France, the controversy over the largest mosque in Germany, the Danish cartoon incident and the most recent ban on minarets in Switzerland have mutilated Europe from a region of tolerance and justice to something quite different.

Western Europe has provided refuge to a large number of unfortunate people persecuted in their countries. This region stands out for providing rights to all its citizens and directly follows the United Nation’s charter of human rights. Europe has hosted Islam for over 1300 years and Islam has deep roots in the European culture both Eastern and Westen. Why then, all of a sudden, has Islam become a threat to Europe?

Granted, some Muslims are not great citizens. Likewise, some Christians are not great citizens. Every community has their deviants, this is a fact of life. However, to simply dismiss over 50 million Muslims who are a functional part of the European culture is not the right approach. Europe should follow its tradition of justice and equality and refrain from regressing into the middle ages.

European people must stand up against such acts and remove this blemish from their region as it only succeeds to earn them embarrassment.
Ayesha Noor
Richmond, VA, USA

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