Expulsion of Ahmadi Students from PMC

Editor note: I am posting your letter here as I am sure no one is gonna publish it in Paksitan.

Hats off to the Principle of PMC for this timely decision of expelling all Ahmadi students from the college. This act requires a shrewd foresightedness, a truly unique sense of responsibility and an unprecedented sense of justice. I am positive that the Principle has made this decision on the basis of his clear understanding of the teachings of Ahmadiyya Community, its tradition of non-violent activities and its undeniable conformity with the law of the country. He is aware of the fact that this community is inured to accept all the undesirable acts against it. Any act of antagonism is least expected from this community.

Principle PMC

The very right of even practicing their religion openly has been snatched away from them. They have been killed, imprisoned, tortured, denied to promotions and castigated as a community. And yet they haven’t invaded the Parliament house, they have never broken the gates of Pakistan supreme court, they haven’t attempted upon the lives of their most brutal enemies and they have never created any sort of chaos in the society. If the community on the whole has kept away from getting involved in such activities then the Principle is on the right to expect the same from the Ahmadi students of the PMC. They weren’t the ones who gathered a mob of 300 protesters to threaten the Principle to take actions against Jamiat.


The Pak Way
In fact everyone knows that it was Jamiat who could pull together a mob of 3000 protestors instead of only 300 that worked well as a trailer of a horror film. The Lal Masjid episode could well be repeated by taking control of the PMC library and the Principle could be abducted by none other than some female supporters of the Jamiat. Imagine what would have been more disgraceful for the country? Expelling of 23 harmless Ahmadi students or the abduction of the Principle of a renowned Medical school?



Moreover the Principle has well-learnt from the history of sectarianism in Pakistan that if not every year, every other year Ahmadi Doctors are killed in Pakistan. Ahmadis should just be grateful for being able to live in Pakistan, medical education is way too much they are asking for.

Ayesha Noor
Chicago, USA

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